for Growth, Sustainability & Efficiency in Cannabis

**BSC Group was acquired by MariMed Inc in 2018. Please see Contact info below to connect with founders Brian and Amber Staffa directly.**

BSC Group provided high level consulting and scaled management services for cultivation, processing, and retail cannabis facilities, domestically and internationally. Harnessing the experience of seasoned cannabis leaders as well as top tier professionals from other mature industries, BSC exceeded the norms of operational efficiency, lowered production costs, and reduced risk for cannabis businesses.


• Pro Forma for Financial Modeling
• Real Estate Sufficiency Assessment
• Facility Design & Workflow Engineering
• Organizational Charts & Job Descriptions
• Application Preparation & Submission
• Sourcing & Securing Funding
• Influence Mapping
• GMP based SOP development
• Strain Selection & Cropping Strategy
• Automated Systems Engineering
• Fertilizer & Nutrient Engineering
• Integrated Pest Management
• Compliance Support
• ...And more

Working with BSC

The comprehensive scope of services we offer allows us to assist in a variety of capacities, as deemed appropriate for your specific venture, and at the right time. Our services can be structured within the following arrangements:
  • Hourly or Monthly consulting services, outside the scope of licensing pursuits, for exploratory due diligence, opportunity assessment ventures, and general operational consulting needs
  • Project rates for license procurement, facility design & build out, etc.
  • Ongoing operational management services post-licensing

BSC Group’s successful track record of assisting applicants throughout the licensing process makes us an ideal partner for those pursuing permits in new states and countries.

Since the window to complete the formal licensing process is typically quite narrow, most successful groups start their planning prior to applications being released. Patterns from other states have served as reliable examples of what is expected and required in terms of preparation.

BSC publishes hourly rates for pre-licensing retainer services, and provides project-based quotes for application preparation and facility design. Services include:

  • Real Estate Sufficiency Reviews and Planning
  • Facility Design and Programming
  • Pro Forma for Financial Modeling
  • Development and Operational Cost Estimates
  • Compliance Support
  • Facility Equipment and Materials Selection
  • Staffing Plans, Recruitment and Training
  • Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions
  • List of Preferred Third Party Vendors for Consideration
  • Application Checklist & Plan of Action
  • Application Preparation & Submission
  • Sourcing & Securing Funding
  • Influence Mapping
  • Community Meeting Prep / PR
  • Industry tours in CO, OR, and/or WA

For teams that have successfully navigated the licensing process, it’s time to engineer a facility with a design that is directly correlated to your operational SOPs. We cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid a disconnect between your facility and your operational plan.

We work with clients looking to implement GMP-based SOPs who are starting with greenfield, are renovating existing indoor space, or have an operational facility in need of upgrade.

Variable factors that can influence a facility’s design include:

  • Type of facility 
  • Budget
  • Facility layout
  • Support column placement
  • Room dimensions
  • Variable costs by location/region – energy, water, real estate, etc.
  • Local pest and microbial pressures (for cultivation)

Building upon a vision that all parties agree will be an advantageous venture, we merge best practices extracted from other mature industries like commercial ag, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and combine them with best practices from the most efficient and most profitable cannabis operators in North America. This allows us to ensure that our partners establish themselves as viable competitors within an ever-changing landscape. We’ve established lasting relationships and buying power with numerous vendors, streamlining the supply chain and making ordering easier and more cost effective. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Facility Design & Workflow Engineering
  • GMP based SOPs
  • Strain Selection and Cropping Strategy
  • Automated Systems Engineering and Calibration
  • Environmental Control
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Fertilizer & Nutrient Engineering
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Equipment/Materials/Supplies Procurement
  • Installation of Managerial Team members as needed
  • HR Management and Operational Staffing


BSC Group is not actively taking on new clients at this time, but founders Brian and Amber Staffa have moved on and are consulting independently with select clients. Contact them:
Brian Staffa -
Amber Staffa -