Finishing the painstaking process of completing a viable application in Arkansas? Be prepared to jump through a few hoops on Sept. 18th to get it submitted before the 4:30pm deadline!

Like many other states have dictated, completed applications must be hand delivered by end of business day.

Drop Arkansas applications off to:
Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission
C/O Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration
1515 W. 7th Street, Suite 503
Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201

Considering the length that many of these applications are bound to be, we should see a few hand carts on 7th street that day! Arkansas is requiring a total of 3 copies of everything (original and 2 copies) on paper AND PDF versions on a thumb drive. Any time there’s the opportunity for limitless attachments like there was in AR, applications are bound to grow to around 4,000-5,000 pages. I can’t help but wonder if they know to expect this – that’s a lot of paper!

After the app is submitted, applicants will be given a Voucher/Receipt to take to the Cashier down the block to pay the fee. The application is not complete until this fee is submitted and you have received a receipt from the cashier. 

The cashier is located at: 
DFA Revenue Division – Ledbetter Building
Cashier’s Office
1819 West 7th Street
Room 1210
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Good luck to all during these last few weeks of crunch time!