Brian Staffa

Chief Strategy Officer

While many cannabis professionals may tell you they are surprised to find themselves in the cannabis industry, Brian’s involvement is no accident. The entrepreneurial fire that sparked several successful non-cannabis companies has since led to opportunities spanning from corporate grows to tech startups to private equity funds. Brian is the Founder and Chief Strategist of BSC Group, a distinguished and forward-thinking cannabis consultancy and operational management firm. headquartered in New Jersey, with a national client base of both boutique operators and multi-state license holders.

Brian’s experience contributes to a well rounded, in depth understanding of the similarities and differences between segmented state and country programs that few others have been positioned to absorb and digest. He has toured and assessed over 100 different facilities, including one of the largest retail dispensaries in the US, the largest cultivator and processor in Canada, and the largest license holder in the US. Brian has consulted for both cannabis license applicants and operations in 24 of the 29 legal states, three Canadian provinces.

Experience gained while leading cannabis conglomerate Palliatech through the build out and licensing phases of their vertically-integrated flagship facility in NJ served as a catalyst, allowing Brian to map and streamline process operations from blueprint to sale leading up to and throughout their first year of production. He designed systems to drive the cost of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis production to what remains one of the lowest in New Jersey to date.

Since becoming independent in early 2016, Brian has traveled across North America, and recently other continents, providing strategic leadership for cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and retail operations, as well as for the governing bodies that regulate them. An extended interim contract with a custom seed to sale regulatory platform led Brian to a type of experience that few other high level cannabis professionals can parallel. Brian was tasked with mapping and streamlining entire commercial operations from start to finish, polishing SOPs and ensuring that various systems were both well represented within the custom software and seamlessly compliant with state regulations. In doing this, he became a go-to source for those looking to optimize efficiency prior to procedural replication in other locations.

Now applying the Eden McCallum consulting model to cannabis, BSC Group brings a combination of seasoned cannabis professionals, and high level professionals from other mature industries with direct parallels to cannabis, such as commercial ag, food/beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, merging their hands-on experience with best practices from the most efficient and successful cannabis operators in North America.

As a result of his collective experience, Brian has the ability to forecast trends and spot change indicators in executive, production, environmental and regulatory environments. He maintains a holistic comprehension of the industry as new markets continue to emerge, and is an invaluable resource when it comes to identifying and recommending a careful and strategic means to an end.

With a personality that lends itself well to leadership roles, Brian enjoys educating industry newcomers, and speaks regularly throughout the country at various Universities and industry events. He is a member of ASTM’s Cannabis Committee, responsible for drafting and standardizing industry practices across individual markets. He is also one of six Apeks Affiliates in the country, who have been approved to advise on high level extraction equipment and techniques that contribute toward advanced product consistency.