NJ Cannabis Program Updates – Med Expansion & Adult-use Discussions

March 26, 2018Industry Education, Legislation & Regulation, News & Annoucements, State Program Summaries

Few states rival New Jersey right now in terms of boisterous pre-legislative activity. The world is watching as NJ careful weighs the pros, cons, and neutral implications of regulations that have been executed in other regions. Bills, Bills, Bills We were waiting a bit for the latest bill from Assemblyman Reed Gusciora to be released, even … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Commercial Cannabis Facilities

January 6, 2018Industry Education

– written by Brian Staffa Considering the commoditization of cannabis and increased competition in the landscape, choices made at the very beginning of getting a facility operational have become more critical than ever. I’ve assessed over 100 facilities and counting and there are some true gems out there. Likewise, there are also some real tragedies. … Read More

Applying for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Processing License: What You Need to Know

October 19, 2017Industry Education, State Program Summaries

First Cultivation, then Dispensary, then Testing Labs, and finally.. Processing. Processing applications for Ohio’s medical marijuana program were released at 2:30pm today, 10/19/2017, and the race begins! Potential licensees have until no later than December 15th 2017 to submit a viable app. Generally speaking, hopeful applicants seem to fall into one of 3 categories, and … Read More

CWCB Boston Presentation: Red flag opportunities for plant-touching cannabis investors

October 5, 2017Industry Education, Speaker Recaps

  The goal: to bridge the gap between investors and operators who may not have an easy time speaking the same language when evaluating an operation/opportunity.  The focus: on plant-touching cultivation in controlled environments. This will not apply to outdoor facilities; controlled environments and outdoor environments are too different. The main difference between controlled environments and … Read More