CWCB Boston Presentation: Red flag opportunities for plant-touching cannabis investors

October 5, 2017Industry Education, Speaker Recaps

  The goal: to bridge the gap between investors and operators who may not have an easy time speaking the same language when evaluating an operation/opportunity.  The focus: on plant-touching cultivation in controlled environments. This will not apply to outdoor facilities; controlled environments and outdoor environments are too different. The main difference between controlled environments and … Read More

Recap: Women Grow Philly April 2017

April 10, 2017Speaker Recaps

On 4/6 I had the pleasure of speaking at Women Grow Philly at Benjamin’s Desk in Center City.  What a great space! It was certainly one of the more vibrant places I’ve spoken! With a group of about 50 people, I discussed a topic that I’ve spoken about before, but with a different perspective. When … Read More