Featured Project #3:

Owner's Rep for Cultivation/Processing Facility Build
9 months
We were hired as the owner’s representative to build a cultivation and processing facility for owners who were maxed out on bandwidth.

They brought us on 30 days after the provisional license was awarded, and we drove the project from design to site work through completion. A local engineering firm was sourced to help manage the project with local labor.  We finished 12% under budget and on time for state inspection. A few unique points about this facility that excited us:

  • The cultivation facility is 100% indoors and utilizes KG System’s automated racking systems for all plant movement
  • Has two C1D1 rooms for multiple solvent extractions.
  • A mid-size commercial kitchen with commercial bakery equipment has been installed for edibles and infused products
  • ECO* – reclaiming their condensate and re-filtering their discharged water in an attempt to reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Finding qualified professionals locally that were able to commit to our aggressive timelines. It was in a semi-rural area so we didn’t have a large pool to choose from and most didn’t have any experience building a facility of this scale or security level so we hired what we could locally and imported the rest.
  • The owners were great people. We shared the same vision of the future of unimaginable scale & complete automation. They were maxed out on bandwidth and gave us total control to get as close to fully automated as we could within budget.
  • Damatex
  • Apeks Supercritical
  • Root Sciences
  • KG Systems
  • Viridis Security
  • Gavita
  • Fluence

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