The number of vendors here in Vegas this year is unreal! Good signs for the industry as whole.

If you’re walking around comparing vendors you need and trying to cut through the noise, here are some valuable questions to ask that can help differentiate and make it easier to find your best partners.

I’ve singled out Extraction, Security, and System Controls here since they can be some of the most complex to vet.

When Shopping Extraction:

  • Who manufactures the machine and where?
    – Machines engineered and manufactured in North America will have the fastest turnaround times and easiest support.
    – Companies manufacturing their own equipment typically offer faster and more complete service, and a more flexible warranty. Some of the veteran companies even offer equipment trade-ins and buyback programs which is a huge advantage so that the company you choose can support your growth and scaling accordingly.
  • What’s the flow rate and daily production throughput?
    – Flow rate will be measured in liters per minute (higher is better)
    – Daily production will be measured in pounds or kilograms per 24 hour period (higher is better)
    – Pressure affects flow rate; usually higher pressure means higher flow rate and larger investment
  • What’s the average completion rate and how quickly can it be achieved?
    – Completion rate refers to the total percentage of cannabinoids that can be extracted from the plant material
    – How long it takes to achieve this completion rate combined with flow rate and production throughput will determine your production capacity and overall ROI on the machine

When Shopping Security:

  • What other industries do you service and how long have you been in business?
    – The best companies have been around for years and have expanded into cannabis from other highly regulated industries like banking, pharmaceuticals, and gaming
  • Who leads the team of how many?
    – Companies whose leaders have a previous law enforcement background and lead teams of personnel from management to technicians are going to be the most competent.

When Shopping Controls:

  • Exactly what can you control?
    – The level of and number of controls of each system vary widely and so do the prices, so make sure you know what you’re getting.
  • What type of support package do you offer / How do I trouble shoot?
    – These systems become the brain of your operation and require training, retraining and maintenance, so partner with someone who understands this and is looking to build a legitimate relationship with you.
    – Determine what you value in a system and choose accordingly… the highest price in this field doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed to be the best fitĀ for you