Jillian Kies

Creative Director

A born creative, Jillian Kies brings formidable flare to the BSC team, focusing on innovative product development and packaging design within the cannabis space. Despite numerous restrictions surrounding packaging and advertising that might otherwise hinder creative expression, Jillian bridges the gap between the dry feel of regulatory compliance and sleek, innovative packaging solutions. In both medical and adult-use markets, this balance is pertinent now more than ever, since brands and targeted products are what really allow companies to stay above the curve when it comes to trends in consumer purchasing decisions.

Jillian is an ideal resource to assist with:

  • product pre-research like trend reporting, inspiration pulls, competitive research, & moodboards
  • developing a complete brand suite
  • launching a new brand or line of branded products with a cohesive look from concept to distribution
  • sketches, design, photoshoots, typography, mockups/comps, pre production, production/overseeing production
  • creating innovative package design while satisfying child-proof regulations and other mandates, and working alongside packaging engineers

Jillian studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Packaging Design. Since then, she has held positions at both prestigious boutique studios and large corporations. Her well rounded portfolio spans from food and beverage to home fragrances, having produced products for Dannon, Kraft Foods, SC Johnson, and Bath & Body Works, among others. Her skill set and experience make her an ideal fit to work within a highly regulated market.  

The diversity of her design style paired with comprehensive consideration for various market segments and her ability to forecast trends gives Jillian an edge over many other designers in her field. She operates beyond the restraints of direction, and works directly alongside our Chief Strategist and Data Analyst to take a product from concept to completion.

While constantly seeking to expand and modernize her creative skill set, she also has a huge appreciation for old school design techniques. Her versatility lends itself well to assisting a wide range of clientele. With strong competencies in calligraphy, custom lettering and illustration, she can cater to clients who are seeking to produce products that will truly set them apart. She constantly seeks new ways to bring clear design solutions to the shelf that consumers will identify with, understand, and love.