Featured Project #2:

Change Manager / Owners Rep for the merging of SOP's between two owner/operators
Phase 1: 8 months
Phase 2: 1 month
Phase 3: 9 months
Acting as a change manager and an owner’s rep at different times, we effectively led two owner-operators through the process of merging SOPs, staff, and infrastructure without interrupting existing operations.

The owners formed a vertical joint venture when they were awarded licenses in a new state. They wanted to use the new state and brand-new facility as an opportunity to create better SOPs based on the best practices from their existing operations – 8 facilities across 3 different states. The goal was then to replicate the new merged model across all existing operations.

Acting as an independent third party to both owners, our first focus was to benchmark all existing operations, propose the new SOPs for the new facility. A launch team for the new facility and change managers for the subsequent transition were internally recruited.

Training focused on the new systems, new technology and the differences between the existing systems (from each company) and most importantly WHY the new way was better. When everyone understands and buys into the new system, the ease in transition is exponentially smoother.  

The facility launched on time. We were on-site daily for three weeks after launch to add insight, manage the systems, and train the internal change manager – our direct report as we transitioned from daily on-sites.

Phase 2 consisted of training the change managers at each location throughout the country with the change manager who lead the new facility. Phase 3 began immediately after training of the CM’s and is expected to take 9 months to one year depending on personnel.

  • Timeline – while it may seem like 8 months is plenty of time, when taking into account the thousands of decisions that needed to be made and considering the time spent calculating the trade-offs of many of those decisions, this project was a 7-day per week sprint
  • This is the ultimate challenge in best business practices. I’ve been able to leverage the 100+ facilities I’ve seen first hand, the dozens of brilliant minds employed in the partners’ facilities, and the minds of some of the industry’s top vendors/technologies to propose what I feel is the best way to manufacture cannabis in these 4 states within their limitations.
  • Budget was very flexible until the very end which made decisions easy; if it improved efficiency and/or reduced production cost WHILE maintaining quality, the answer was a clear yes.
  • I was given a blank slate and unrestricted access to two amazing operations.
  • Argus
  • BiotrackTHC
  • Visser Horti Systems
  • EZTrim
  • KG Systems
  • Nanolux
  • Spectrum King

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