Featured Project #1:

Business plan for capital raise
6 weeks
A client with an existing high-volume dispensary in a recreational state hired us to develop the business plan to add cultivation, processing, testing, branding, and transportation for the purposes of raising capital.

Owners had been in business for 5 years and started as medical and transitioned into rec last year. They were one of the first to be fully rec and became trapped by a supply shortage from October onward.

The supply shortage ensued because of the stipulations regarding who could supply what products via their different licenses thanks to the regulation change from med to rec, and because of new, more strict testing requirements that no one could seem to pass. There were days at a time when the dispensary would have little or no product to sell for many SKUs. They lost thousands of dollars in revenue over 5 months before supply finally stabilized.

I flew out to meet the group of owners to see the dispensary and to spend 3 days engaging with them and learning more about what their goals were. We developed the framework of what would eventually become our plan: a mixed use facility including greenhouse and indoor cultivation space, BHO & CO2 extraction and processing areas, a kitchen, analytical testing lab, and enough size and scale to white label others’ products.

Their committed investor wanted to see as much automation as budget would allow, since they were looking to be in it long term and were setting themselves up for continued expansion.

  • They were already successful on the retail side, which made them really easy to communicate with
  • Because they were so frustrated by a real problem, we were all really intensely focused and motivated to turn the operation into a vertical powerhouse
  • They invited me to both investor meetings to field questions and seal up an air tight pitch
  • Branding & packaging – often one of the most difficult areas to bring a group of decision makers together
  • Since they were previously re-seller only, it took time to philosophically address how the new vertical required new attention to branding details in order to appropriately accommodate each market segment
  • Apeks Supercritical
  • Precision Extraction Solutions
  • Studio H2
  • Shimadzu Scientific

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